terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

Short Passages of a Residency

This video is a record of the site-specific work done for the Homebase (www.homebaseproject.org) artist-in-residence program, in Berlin, in March of 2012. "Short Passages of a Residency" is a fiction piece that takes place at the Homebase building (Pankow, Berlin) where 15 artists from different countries lived in community for three months. The story, written on the walls of the corridor, is narrated by Pnina, the cat that lives at Homebase, and which tells situations that involves her relationship to the place and the people during the period they have been together.

Chuvisco - instalação - Berlim, 2012

Fotos da instalação "Chuvisco", criada em colaboração com o pintor e escultor americano Brian Halloran para a residência artística HOMEBASE, em Berlim. O trabalho é inspirado - e contém ele mesmo - o conto homônimo, publicado abaixo neste blog.

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